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    It has been conceived like last defensive bastion for the inhabitants of the ancient Circei, rises on the extreme full of rocks spur to East of the Cape. The town-walls building, in perfect poligonale style, is introduced as a irregular quadrilateral of the perimeter of mt.678 and delimits one surface of approximately 2 hectares currently covered from one folta Mediterranean vegetation.
    Even though commonly dated of the 393 a.c., for historical reasons, literary and architectonic it is from considering itself, instead, front to the roman age.
    Several the archaeological particular shortly illustrate to you testify the gradevole value and interest of the Acropoli that finds its point of greater interest in the wall the West (along mt. 155) where numerous architectonic peculiarities are individualistic that characterize the poligonale building system.
    Not to underrate, then, in adding to the archaeological interest, the beauty of the always various and highly evocative panoramas that can be enjoyed, in the course of the visit, moving itself from an extremity to the other of the Acropoli.

    MAIN DOOR: Of particular interest they are the sockets that are looked at in cram (species to you that one to North) to testimony of a particular system of closing with lateral slide to joint: it is the only example seperstite between the much Acropoli in poligonale work of the Italy Center.

    DIRECTIONAL MONOARGUMENT: Rare example of worked limestone block on purpose, to most of hinge, with rabbet centers them very visible: espediente purposely escogitato in order to impose a variation of 10 to the wall that gives to the angle the south-west knows them towards the main door of access to the Acropoli, exceeding, therefore, the difficulties created from the particular building style in poligonale work.

    CONSTRUCTION IPOGEA: The structure, to circular base of mt. 15 of circumference, measure very 7 meters of height.
    Interesting is the obtained time, always to dry, with the employment of masses jutting out and arranged to squame of fish.

    WALL THE WEST: The beautifulst feature than wall (the maximum height mt. 6) where enormous masses alternate to small triangular dowels of rifinitura (sides of smallest measure cm. 30x29x28 c.): true synthesis of the power and the fineness of the poligonale structure!

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