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     The Cape

    il monte circeo

    A comfortable panoramic road more leads from the shoulders of the country to the Beacon, covering the colorful side scosceso and of the cape.
    A memory attacks the tourist, the memory of Goats, the same configuration of the cliff, the same plants to hold of youth, the same inks of sea and sky. Down, suspended nearly in the empty one, Torre Fico it dominates on the blue loaded with the sea.
    More ahead the mystery of the coves, to which the waves donate their more magical glares, where the preistorich bear and the Hippo they have left their prints and cave man it has lived, loved and I plant in the sea.
    The two coves to visit after the Cove of Neanderthal, naturally of beyond twenty that are opened to little meters from the river of the sea: the Cove of the Goats that arrive themselves easy arrive on foot and the accessible Blue Cove from the sea.
    To beyond the Beacon the solitudine it is nearly complete. We are under the peak of Circe, the summit that raises towards the sun the ruins of the tempio dedicated to the wizard, raggiungibile through a route-trekking.
    On scogli the palms dwaries ovunque and schegge of alabaster streaked white man of blue, rose and green. The Roman, therefore loving of the objects ornaments them and of big decorations, they extracted alabaster from one here open quarry. Comfortable also the distance in order to catch up, on foot or in machine, the Acropoli. As soon as three kilometers separate it from the country.
    After a ten of minuteren of walk meets the smoothed one of the Peretto where the Park has prepared one comfortable area picnic. From in then the road it is accompanied here from barriers of plants of high stalk.
    Three hairpin curves more ahead and an evocative view is opened that embraces the dune, quttro the coastal lagos and the city of Sabaudia. Once on the Acropoli, that it was the last defensive bastion for the habitants of the old Circeii (is of roman front the age), the sight is to 360 degrees. On the line of the horizon the islands pontine, left back way a door of the Acropoli, to right the summit of the Semaforo and, more up, that one than Circe (541 meters).
    Under it is the reign of the high spot and of the ginestra, with Torre Paola before the made fortifications to construct around cape in order to defend it from you onslaught of the pirati ones saraceni that it marks the border with Sabaudia.
    The picture is to soft inks. The Blue of the sea, the silver of lagos, the gold of the dune and the green of the forest composes a suadente music to which the flauto lacks alone the Faunetto of the Vatican...

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