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     The Coves

    - COVE GUATTARI or NEANDERTHAL: (approached Via Lungomare Circe) discovered the 25/02/1939, where the skull of the man of Neanderthal is recovered. Currently in the situated one there is I tread of originates it exposed them to the Museum of the University of Rome.
    - COVE OF THE GOATS: (approached Via del Faro) it rises to little meters of the river of the sea, with wide opening to time.
    - BLUE COVE: access only via sea, is found to little meters from that one of the Goats, the access is possible when the sea is calm with small boats or to swim, is only long approximately 30 meters and wide 10.
    - COVE Of the IMPISO OR HANGED PERSON: (approached Via del Faro), it takes the name from a stalactite to man shape who hangs from the time.
    - COVE OF THE FOSSELLONE: Via of the Beacon to little meters from that one of the hanged person, during the schavi they have been finds rests to you of flora and preistorica fauna.
    - COVE OF THE MANGER OR THE GOBLET: access only via sea, is found near the Blue Cove.
    - COVE POSITONE: Via of the Semaforo in Peretto locality.
    - COVE OF THE SIBILLA: Via Torre Paola of forehead to the income of the Silver Bay.
    - LUCULLO COVE: Via Litoranea km. 4 from the Circeo for Sabaudia.
    - COVE OF THE BATS: depositor north under the Acropoli.
    - COVE OF WIZARD CIRCE - OF THE PRISONERS - OF ULISSE - BREUIL: Locality Precipice, all access via sea.
    - CRACKED COVE: torre locality Paola.
    - COVE E.LANZUISI: mail under Torre Cervia is invaded from the water. It is penetrated to you through a cunicolo semisubmergeeed. ''It takes the name from its discoverer''.

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