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     The Christ of the Circeo

    The bronzea statue of the Christ of the Circeo is blessed from Monsignor Domenico Pecile, Bishop of Latina, Terracina, Sezze and Priverno, in the course of one ceremony carried out on the large square of the tourist Felice port Saint Circeo the 5 day January 1992, and subsequently placed in the parochial Felice church Saint Martire, until the moment in which is be necessary for the preparation jobs.
    The statue, whose official ceremony of immersion has had Iuogo II 25 you open them 1992, is high one a meter and eighty and is berthed to a base of high reinforced concrete a meter and from the weight of 3.500 chili, to one depth of 18 meters, on I found them full of rocks with small sand base to Posidonia.
    The individualistic place is thanks to a signalling buoy (coordinates N.41 12 34 - and 13 06 35) and is prohibited to the peach and the anchorage.
    The jobs of positioning and immersion of the statue, new marine Felice symbol Saint Circeo, have been are executed from underwater pontini the Maurizio Mastrangelo, Sergio Romeo, Stefano Reali, Sandro Signoriello and Marco Sottoriva, with the sponsorship of the Provincial Agency for II Tourism of Latin, of the Common one of S.Felice Circeo, the Diocese of Latin, the Christian Comunity of the Circeo, the Association For Native place of the Circeo, of the Cooperative Ormeggiatori Circeo 1, the Cooperative Fishermen of the Circeo, the Circeo Yacht Sail Club and the Pangea Institute.
    The point is traguardato from marks them - a stock in stone - placed to the shoulders of Tower of the Fico, on the coast south orients them of the Promontonio of the Circeo, raggiungihile with a path that leave from the final point of via Bergamini Admiral.
    I found them, raggiungibile from the port, constitutes one pleasant discovery for the underwater one.

    Underwater distance

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