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     The Historical Center

    To 100 meters above sea level, in the declivity it orients them of the cape, here the historical Center with its tower of the Templari and the baronial Palace that was dwelling of Lucrezia Borgia and prince Poniatowsky, before still that of the Aguet barons.
    From the door to pointed arc of the courtyard of the palace (today center of the Common one) approaches to old place of prayer of the Templari, recently restructured, that it has an intelligence agency, of an extension of synthesis of the values acclimatizes them and cultural of the National Park of the Circeo and one television window on the territory.
    To the plan of over the permanent Extension Homo sapiens ET Habitat, a collection of fauna fossil and neaderthaliani men who dwelled in the coves of the Circeo.
    Some hundred of meters more down, in Peak Vittorio Veneto, meets the center of For Native place. We are in the famous one piazzetta, encounter point of vacationing and tourists whom they love to pull the small hours.
    Not to lose permanent exposition of the Sacred Sindone in the contiguous premises to the parrochiale Church that it points out on the piazzetta.
    That with the course Vittorio Emanuele, and the narrow lanes that the incrociono, offer a series of storees where it is possible to find of all.

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