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     The Legend's

    The legend wants that on the cape of the Circeo soggiornasse WIZARD CIRCE and you appordò the mythical ULISSE. The Circeo anciently was sure a island (EEA) and still today the tourist who comes from south covering the Flacca, allorchè sees to appear the Circeo to the horizon exchanges it for a island.

    The cape, that limestone mass with the base of km. of 14 perimeter is constituted from one and a height massimadi mt. 541, specchia in the Tyrrhenian sea and is the point of the mainland more close to the islands of Ponza, Zannone, Palmarola.

    From the top of its mount, when the sky is serene, the Cupola of Saint Peter in Rome can be noticed to north and to south Monte Epomeno di Ischia and the Vesuvio.

    Great part of the territory is comprised in the National Park of the Circeo constituted in 1934.

    The cape, until the reclamation of the Pontine Swamps that isolated it was almost inaccessible. In the years 50 and 60 you the élite has been its discovery from part of tourism of, thanks above all to the mayor of the age, Italian mourning GEMINI.

    The territory is subdivided in:

    FOURTH WARMTH: Exposed southern depositor always in sunlight where grows the Mediterranean low spot (rosmarino, corbezzolo, lentisco, palm dwarf, etc).

    MODERATED QUARTER: Where the country rises.

    FOURTH COLD: Northern depositor that introduces favorable conditions for one forest vegetation.

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