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    - TOWER OF THE TEMPLARI: with annexed castle that was of the Frangipane, the Caetani, the Orsini and the Ruspoli. There is a clock of first of the 800. (Historical Center).

    - PIAZZETTA OF CONVENT OR CORTILE-CHIOSTRO: of the Templari Knights. The country to medieval character is collected in a cerchia of walls that they rest, for three parts on TOWN-WALLS CICLOPICA (YOU sec. a.c.).
    - CICLOPICHE WALLS: of YOU sec. a.c in locality Spreaders.
    - PAPAL TOWERS: (n. 6) made to construct from Pope Pio IV in 1562 to expenses of the Caetani, to defense of the territory from pirati the Saraceni: Torre PAOLA, MORESCA, CERVIA, FICO, VICTORIA and OLEVOLA. The Towers Paola, Cervia, Fico and Victoria are occupied from private. Torre Moresca almost is demolished and the base exists some alone, while Torre Olevola is public but sluice to the visitors.
    - VILLA AGUET: former cottage of hunting constructed from Prince Poniatowsky, private.
    - MARK VILLA EMILIO LEPIDO: not opened ruderi roman to the public because private property.
    - VILLA DOMIZIANO: on the lago of Paola, where it has been recovered APOLLO di KASSEL, than currently it is found in Germany exactly to Kassel (can be visited on reservation).
    - CIRCE PEAK: mt. 541, where still is visible the ruderi of the Tempio of the Circe Wizard.
    - THE MORESCA BATTERY: fortification constructed in 1812.
    - TOWER OF THE BEACON: constructed from Devout IX in 1886 <<PRO HEALTH NAVIGANTIUM>>.
    - SENTRY-BOX OF THE SEMAFORO: constructed from the French in 1890 for signalling.
    - THE SORRESCA: the Sanctuary of Saint Maria of the Sorresca, than is found in river to the lago of Paola, has origins that forgiveness in the night of the times and accommodates one lignea statue of the Vergine with Child.
    - LUCULLO SWIMMING POOL: ancient vivaio of fish in Via di Torre adjacent Paola to the lago, was devised from Lucio Fabio Murena son of Caio.

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