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     The National Park

    Arriving in the Pontina Plain from whichever direction of it comes, is impossible not to notice of the Cape. Its characteristic profile stimulates from always the fantasy of the man that in past has made the dwelling of of i, wizards and heroes. Today it attracts to us, for its multishapes and imposing beauty, that it is possible to savour in more ways. The way simpler than to visit the cape, for who has time little, is that one to cover in automobile the road that gives to the public square of S.F.Circeo door to the Spreaders or which catches up Red Tip. The first road saledo through the forest of lecci catches up the crinale from which the sight it is increased until to the Pontine islands, and all the flat one. The other, costeggiando imponenenti full of rocks walls, shows oneself on the sea and crosses an atmosphere characterized from the Mediterranean spot. One is exceeded tower of XVI sec. (Torre Cervia) until the term of the asphalted feature. It can be continued on foot until catching up the Battery or the Blanc shelter. From the coastal road it is possible to catch up also the cove of the Goats, one of the little accessible ones via earth. Here the presence of “I furrow of shoreline” testifies as the sea level in past was to various quotas from puts into effect it them. A lot interesting is the visit to the coves from the sea; all wraps it coastal in fact is studded from a series of cavity more or little widths, in which they have been finds again numerous preistorici tools and fossil rests to you.
    For who it wishes to complete a impegnativa excursion, the climb to the Peak of Circe, the higher summit of the cape is possible. From Torre Paola, to the crossing between the road to lungomare and the pedemontana road, one is feed sterrata, than in the first feature costeggia a recinzione advanceing itself in the forest, after approximately 200 meters from a pit begins the path marked with yellow-red varnish. After a first feature in the forest the crinale is caught up and it is followed in particular for along uncovered feature that allows the sight to space on the two depositors and sualla spectacular wall of the Precipice. Here it is opportune to proceed with precaution. Therefore the path returns is made calm, until catching up the Peak of Circe. The reduction can be made following the same path or feeding of an other, than the Peak is taken, coming down in the forest right under. The path is marked with red varnish; he is less panoramic but faster. Other distances exist numerous, on both the depositors for which detailed paper of the zone is advised of procurarsi one or a guide (in sale near the Direction of the Park or the newspaper stands of Sabaudia and San Felice Circeo).

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