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    In car:
    • towards of the Goats, the Impiso, the Fossellone and the cove of Andrassi, while Fourth Warmth costeggiando walls them perimetrali of the Historical Center, the S.Francesco Large square, and to approximately 200 meters, the tree-lined avenue of the cypresses that leads to VILLA AGUET, ancient dwelling of the Getlteman of the Country are met.
      Exceeded the forest of lecci one is still partially visible on the full of rocks wall going back roman registration to the sec. a.c., remained damaged during the jobs of widening of the road.
      The place anciently was called the HAND OF the DEMON for an enormous hand modeled in the cliff, anch'essa gone destroyed during the street jobs.
      To the term of the short climb the panorama that is introduced is wonderful: the Aguet Villa can be admired with its park of 22 hectares, the tourist port, the long beach until Terracina and, on the background, if not there is the fog, the islands of Zannone, Ponza and Palmarola.
      Continuing incotra the Beacon, therefore Torre Cervia, Red Tip, the Battery of Moresca, the Alabaster Quarry (from which the alabaster comes that adorns the Sistina Nail head to Rome) and it is arrived until the Moresca Bathtub where the road finishes.
      In the return travel, hardly exceeded the Beacon the first right road is taken and it is arrived in the zone of the coves, where they can be visited on foot, the cove to swim or in boat can be caught up the Blue cove, of the Manger and the cove Anna.

    • From the S.Francesco Large square the road for the mountain is taken, and hardly exceeded the Chiesetta of the Madonnella, on the left is the field of pallavolo, constructed in year 1960 approximately, to flank of which perron begins one that immette in a path for the Ceraselle, one of the many scorciatoie in order to arrive to the Acropoli.
      The tourist who instead goes in machine must continue on the carrozzabile road and, exceeded the Cemetary arrives to the curve of the Malpasso, where an other exists scorciatoia that door to according to Peretto.
      Anciently it was the place used from the Briganti for the ambushes, from here the name.
      Proseguedo is reached the Peretto, an immense one and receiving area, where an ancient roman villa rose of which reservior for the water remains one.
      The continuous carrozzabile in light climb and arrives to according to Peretto where on the left the stradello ends up of the scorciatoia of the Malpasso that, crossed the carrozzabile, continues in the zone of the Ceraselle until the aqueduct of Mezzomonte.
      After some hairpin curves it is arrived to the Large square of the Acropoli.
      Little inside they can be observed Mura Ciclopiche.
      During the last war a battalion of Alpine installed three guns on the before large square the Acropoli.
      The carrozzabile continues until the Semaforo of Navy.

    • The visit to the Peak of Circe is possible covering the traced path that it is found from the part of Torre Paoa, easiest and less dangerous in order to arrive on the Peak.
      The visit to the Source of Lucullo is instead possible in car. Beautiful to see Maria of the Sorresca is the Chiesetta of the Sanctuary of S. that rises on the rivers of the lago in one of the beautifulr places of the Park, where on the altar is the statue carved in the wood of the Madonna with in grembo the child. And it is ancient, of it has news since the 594 after Christ.
      Interesting is pure the Villa of Domiziano, from which they have been buries to you reperti historical of remarkable value, comel'Apollo of Kassel.
      In the environs they are very visible rests of the aqueduct that carried water to the Villa, of the rooms and it walls them of town-walls of the same Villa.

    In boat:
    visiting the same depositor of Fourth Warmth coasting the reef with the boat, the landscape is more evocative and moving.
    Rented the boat to the port the gita one is begun exceeding the cliff on which Torre Fico rises.
    More ahead the cove of the Manger and the Goblet is met; to little meters the Blue cove is found where it is possible to enter with the single boat with calm sea.
    To little meters they ollow nearest the cove of the Goats, of the Impiso and the Fossellone, plus distant meet cove Anna and Lanzuisi cove, mail just under Torre Cervia.
    Exceeded with the boat Red Tip the big construction of the Battery of Moresca is looked at impending.
    Therefore one meets a circular insenatura called a Calozza, after which Precipice is entered in zone, therefore called for the wall that comes down to peak on the sea.
    In this angle they can be visited the cove of the Amphoras, of the Prisoners, the Wizard Circe, Breuil and cracked of Torre the Paola, mail under the ancient papal tower.
    Beyond it is arrived to the channel that door the water in the lago and where the legend wants is disembarked Ulisse.

    On foot:
    The route going to the Circeo Mount summit, with departure from San Felice Circeo (WP BEGINNING).

    Departure: WP BEGINNING (San Felice Circeo)
    Arrival: Circeo Mount summit (M.541)
    Time: 3h30', round-trip, excluded pauses.
    Length: 5 KM, round-trip
    Difficulty: upper-middle

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